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Wakana Gojou, who aspires to become a doll artisan but lives a solitary life since a childhood buddy rejected his interest in traditional dolls, spends his days in the home economics classroom at his high school. Wakana finds people like stylish, popular Marin Kitagawa, who is usually surrounded by a large group of friends, to be completely foreign. But when bubbly Marin, who is never shy, sees Wakana stitching away one day after school, she rushes in with the intention of enticing her shy classmate to join her hidden hobby: cosplay. Wakana’s broken heart may be invaded by a handsome extraterrestrial, but can it take it?

On September 24, Japan was treated to the newest antics of Marin, a cosplayer who is also falling in love with Gojo, a doll maker who sews her costumes, in the tenth volume of the famous romantic comedy cosplay manga My Dress-Up Darling. When this volume was released, manga artist Shinichi Fukuda made the announcement on Twitter that the series had sold over 7.5 million copies in print and online combined.

Since the first episode of the My Dress-Up Darling anime aired in January, more than 4 million copies of the manga have been produced and sold, with 2 million of those copies sold after the anime concluded in March. Sales of the manga have increased significantly after the adaptation was aired, amounting to more than half of the total.

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Airing time

Production on the TV anime adaptation of My Dress-Up Darling began at CloverWorks and was directed by Keisuke Shinohara on January 9, 2022, concluding on March 27, 2022. The anime’s sequel is in the works right now. The show was available for weekly streaming right here on Crunchyroll,

Wakana Gojo is a teenager with aspirations of becoming a kashirashi, a skilled artisan who creates traditional Japanese Hina dolls. While he is passionate about his work, he is woefully out of touch with current trends and struggles to keep up with his peers. The famous youngsters, including one particular girl named Marin Kitagawa, appear to be from another planet. One day, though, she reveals a shocking secret to him, and their previously separate worlds intersect.

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