It’s hard to believe that Takafumi’s uncle, who was declared brain dead 17 years ago, has miraculously awoken. He soon learns that his uncle is a video game fanatic who was taken to another world as a heroic guardian while he was unconscious. While living with his magical uncle, Takafumi must also educate him about the technological advances of the last two decades, including cellphones, high-speed internet, current anime tropes… and the terrible end of the console war of the 1990s!

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Uncle From Another World Anime Release Date

On June 18, 2021, an anime TV series adaptation was announced. AtelierPontdarc produces the show, which is directed by Shigeki Kawai and written by Kenta Ihara, with character designs by Kazuhiro Ota. The debut date has been planned for July 2022.

Only Takafumi and his Uncle (referred to as “Uncle” in the video) can be seen conversing in the trailer. Uncle was run over by a truck seventeen years ago and went into a coma. He suddenly awoke one morning. In order to assist Uncle in getting back on his feet, Takafumi has been assigned to remain with him. While in a coma, Takafumi’s Uncle was transferred to a fantastical parallel world, where his magical powers allowed him to become a strong hero. It is decided by the two that Uncle’s magical powers would be used in order to assist fund their living expenses while bringing him up to speed on modern technology.

The clip shows Takafumi asking Uncle about the other world’s pals and Uncle mentioning the verbal abuse he experienced from one of his companions (shown to be a female elf). It dawns on Takafumi that the elf was simply being a tsundere. Unfortunately for Uncle, the term “tsundere” didn’t become widely known until 2004, many years after he had already crossed over to the other side.

The cast of Uncle From Another World includes a variety of well-known actors. Takehito Koyasu (Dio in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Zeke in Attack on Titan) and Jun Fukuyama (Takafumi in Attack on Titan) star as Uncle and Takafumi, respectively (Joker in Persona 5, Lelouche in Code Geass). Haruka Tomatsu portrays Elf in the anime (Haru in Persona 5, Asuna in Sword Art Online).

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The following cast members are not included in the trailer.

Fate/Grand Order Xuanzang Mikako Komatsu Maki

Aoi Yuki – Mabel – Mabel Pascal in NieR Automata, Hibiki in Symphogear

Yui from K-ON!, Justine from Persona 5, and Caroline from Persona 5

July is the month in Japan when Uncle From Another World airs. The availability of international licenses has not been made public as yet. Yen Press is the English-language publisher of manga.

Uncle From Another World Plot

Takafumi’s uncle comes up from a 17-year coma in Uncle from Another World. During Takafumi’s coma, Takafumi realizes that his uncle was truly living as a hero on another planet. Taking care of Takafumi’s magical and video game-obsessed uncle is now Takafumi’s responsibility. Of course, he has to keep his uncle up to date on the latest international events.

With his uncle’s stories, he too has to contend with them. A “tsundere” elf that follows his uncle around is revealed in the trailer. Even before the term “tsundere” was well-known to the general public, his uncle didn’t know what it meant. He considered her treatment of him to be “abuse,” not realizing that many people would consider it a blessing that he had been exposed to it.

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Uncle From Another World trailer

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