Canelo Alvarez vs. Dmitry Bivol: Fight News Full Match Discussion !

NEW YORK City — There are mountains that even the most seasoned explorers are unable to scale. That’s what happened to Canelo Alvarez at T-Mobile Arena, where Dmitry Bivol’s stature, talent, activity, and the tight defense stopped the Mexican superstar in his tracks as he attempted to win more world titles.

Alvarez vs. Bivol round-by-round results, as well as the most memorable moments

Canelo Alvarez vs. Dmitry Bivol

At all times, Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Canelo and Bivol traded heavy blows in the first round. Canelo slips in with a left to the body while Bivol is on the stick. At a rapid pace, Bivol continues to strike. Canelo connects with a body shot. Pressure is mounting on Canelo as Bivol continues to jab.

By Canelo, a hook to the groyne. Bivol has put up a collection. Even though he hasn’t landed, Bivol is quite busy. Canelo ends the round with an uppercut.

As the bout enters its second round, Canelo is putting the pressure on Bivol to try and stop him. Canelo will use a short uppercut. Canelo hits a huge uppercut. It goes nicely for Bivol. Although Bivol can’t land cleanly, he is still active. Canelo catches Bivol with a right punch and follows it up with a second one. This causes Bivol to regress.

However, Canelo manages to stay out of the way of Bivol’s onslaughts. Bivol’s right hand has entered the ring. Next, there’s a combination. Right-back with strong hooks to the head and body from Canelo! There’s a lot of fire being thrown out there by Canelo. It’s going to be tough for Bivol to get Canelo out of his rut.

Ten-to-one for Canelo on the SN unofficial scorecard: (20-18 Canelo)

Canelo snuck an uppercut in and Bivol landed a strong right hand in the third round. Things are heating up, and Bivol isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s a right hand from Canelo. Sharp and solid, the jab from Bivol is. Right hand from Canelo backs up Bivol towards the rope and Bivol responds with a flush of his own.

It’s going to be a tight race until the very end. Canelo lands a hard left hook to the body, which causes Bivol to take a step back for a brief second. Bivol attempts a combination but fails miserably. Rounds that may go either way in a good fight.

Bivol defeats 10th-placed SN unofficially, 10-9. (105-104 Bivol)

Canelo Alvarez vs. Dmitry Bivol

When it comes to hammering on Bivol, Canelo is doing an excellent job. In return, Bivol receives a tremendous combination. I believe Canelo’s fans know he can’t climb this mountain. Canelo is getting nothing from Bivol, who keeps firing. The audience is booing Bivol, yet he’s done nothing wrong.

Bivol defeats 10th-placed SN unofficially, 10-9. (115-113 Bivol)

Canelo Alvarez vs. Dmitry Bivol

10:10 p.m.: Giyasov throws a shutout after dropping Gomez twice. While Giyasov did his hardest to take Gomez out of the bout, he was unable to do so. Giyasov is still undefeated after victories of 99-88, 99-88, and 98-89.

Canelo Alvarez and Dmitry Bivol go head-to-head, what time will the action begin?

Canelo Alvarez vs. Dmitry Bivol

The date is Saturday, 7 May
The main event begins at 10 p.m. Eastern Time.
In the main event: Midnight ET (approx.)
The fight between Canelo Alvarez and Dmitry Bivol is scheduled for May 7 in Las Vegas. Depending on how long the undercard fights go, the main event might start at midnight ET.

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Results of the Canelo Alvarez vs. Dmitry Bivol card

Dmitry Bivol retained his WBA light heavyweight championship by defeating Canelo Alvarez by majority decision (115-113, 115-113 & 115-113)
Montana Love defeats Gabriel Gollaz by a score of 2-1 (114-112, 114-112 & 114-112)
Christian Gomez is beaten by Hakhram Giyasov in a unanimous verdict (99-88, 99-88, 98-89)
The unanimity of the vote gives Marc Castro the victory over Pedro Vicente Scharbaai (60-54, 60-54 & 60-54)
Scott Alexander was stopped in the first round by Zhang Zhilei (1:59)

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Dmitry Bivol and Canelo Alvarez | Post Fight Interviews

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