Made in Abyss Season 3 Release Date, Plot & More Updates!

A few episodes on the 2022 Summer anime broadcasting schedule have stood out from the crowd, but the HiDive simulcast exclusive of Made in Abyss: Season 2 stands above the rest.

Fans all around the world are currently counting down the days until the season 2 finale of Studio Kinema Citrus’ smash series, named “Gold,” airs on April 5 at 9:00 p.m.

A third season of Made in Abyss has not yet been officially confirmed, and while a renewal is anticipated, a premiere date may not be announced for several years.

How much progress has been made on Season 3 of Made in Abyss?

Made in Abyss Season 3 Release Date

For starters, the third season of Made in Abyss will debut in July 2022. The official subtitle for the season, “The Golden City of the Scorching Sun,” alludes to the sixth layer.

The time gap between Seasons 2 and 3 may come as a shock to viewers outside of Japan. The only exception to this rule is if you have been paying very close attention. Since the first season, there have been three Made In Abyss movies.

The first season’s high points are reviewed in both “Dawn Journey” and “Wandering Twilight.” A continuation of the story is covered in greater depth in the third book, titled Dawn of the Deep Soul.

Making an attempt to start up where the first season of Dawn of the Deep Soul left off, Made in Abyss is back for a third season.

There was never a formal release of Dawn of the Deep Soul in the United States. HIDIVE now has the movie “Dawn of the Deep Soul” available to watch online. When Season 3 of Made In Abyss premieres, streaming is likely to become even more accessible for fans.

After much debate, Kinema Citrus decided to give Made in Abyss a third season. Dawn of the Deep Soul’s closing credits said “To be continued,” and on January 18, 2020, the anime’s website verified the implication.

The film was played announcing that the latest installment in the series has been given the go-ahead to begin production. MIA devotees have speculated that the follow-up will be a movie.

The plot of the future manga so goes the reasoning, is too complicated to be told in a straightforward motion picture. The next sequel shouldn’t merely be another movie, but rather an ongoing series.

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New episodes of Made in Abyss will begin airing on this date.

Season two of “Made in Abyss” premiered on July 6 and ended on September 28 of the same year, for a total of 13 episodes. The second season has 12 episodes, each of which is roughly 24 minutes long.

Fans of the show may have a long wait ahead of them if the show has yet to return. No official statement regarding the show’s future has been made by Studio Kinema Citrus or any of the other producers or distributors.

According to Myanimelist, both seasons of the fantasy adventure show are excellent, with the most recent one ranking right alongside the first. All forms of media have been overwhelmingly positive.

The show’s popularity among anime lovers is strong, to begin with, and it only increases each year.

After considering everything, picking up the show again would seem like a no-brainer. That is correct; the issue the authors have is that they do not provide sufficient evidence.

Across two seasons, ten of Akihito Tsukushi’s manga series’ eleven volumes have been made available to the public. The exceedingly irregular volume releases have contributed to the air of uncertainty surrounding the show’s reappearance. At least four more novels by these writers are required.

With an average of one new volume per year, the anime renewal committee won’t be able to give the show the go-ahead until at least 2023.

But even if that does happen, delays in manufacturing and other factors would push the entire waiting time higher. In 2025, at least we’ll have Season 3 of “Made in Abyss” to look forward to.

Team Made In Abyss Is Back From Their Trip


Made in Abyss Season 3 Release Date

Based on Akihito Tsukushi’s manga of the same name, Made In Abyss is a Japanese anime series directed by Masayuki Kojima. The animation, created by Kinema Citrus, made its debut in July 2017 as part of the show’s first season.

Made in Abyss features 14 episodes in the first season and 4 in the second season so far.

Among the series regulars in Made In Abyss are:

  • Luci Christian as Reg
  • Brittany Lauda as Riko
  • Manami Numakura as Shiggy
  • Mutsumi Tamura as Nat
  • Shannon Emerick as Nat
  • Sayaka Ohara as Ozen
  • Kyle Jones as Simrad


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