Chrishell Stause Net Worth: Salary, Bio & Career!

Fans have been curious about Chrishell Stause’s net worth since her divorce from Justin Hartley and her earnings from Selling Sunset. Keep reading for Chrishell Stause Net Worth: Salary, Bio & Career!

Draffenville, Kentucky-born Stause is a cast member of Netflix’s Selling Sunset as well as an agent at The Oppenheim Group, an LA-based high-end real estate brokerage firm. Chrishell met Hartley while working as an actress on soap operas like All My Children and Days of Our Lives. From 2017 to 2021, Stause and Hartley were married. Stause filed for divorce from Hartley in November 2019. However, Stause listed their date of separation as the same day he filed, despite his claim that they had split in July 2019.

Chrishell’s Biography caused a stir

Chrishell Stause Net Worth: Salary, Bio & Career!

This is Terrina Chrishell Stause, also known as Chrishell Stause. As a result of her birthplace, she was given the middle name Chrishell. After her biological parents died of cancer, she was raised by her father as his daughter. She has four brothers and sisters. “The selling sunset” featured Shonda stause in the first and third seasons. To continue her study, she traveled to Murray State University and received her degree in theatre.

Talking about her personal life, in 2006, she was engaged to Mathew Morrison but subsequently called it off in 2007. In 2017, she was married to Justin Hartley and subsequently got divorced in 2021. The man she is currently seeing is her co-worker and co-star in a Netflix series, Jason Oppenheim.

Staining Chrishell’s Career

Chrishell Stause Net Worth: Salary, Bio & Career!

Chrishell Stause made her acting debut in 2005 on the American soap opera All My Children as Amanda Dillon. She’s also been in shows like Body of Proof and Mistresses Show as a guest actor and is now a member of the Groundling group in LA.

It was on “The Young and the Restless” that she made her Hollywood debut in 2017. In 2020, she will star as Eve, a kidnapper’s daughter, in the film Eve of Abduction.

Her 29th season of “Dancing with the Stars” began the same year she joined the show. Her Netflix reality program, “the Selling Sunset,” is scheduled to premiere in 2021.


Chrishell has been in several daytime soap operas, including The Young and the Restless, Youthful Daze, All My Children, and Days of Our Lives, before her reality TV debut. Soap opera earnings can range from $450 to $1,000 each episode, according to Showbiz Cheatsheet. In addition, Chrishell was cast as the lead character in Staged Killer, a thriller about a successful local talk show personality whose life begins to fall apart after her college best buddy and former co-host tries to sneak his way back into her life in 2019. Chrishell, even though the movie didn’t gain a lot of attention, deserves credit for making us laugh out loud. During the filming of the movie, she practically changed her last name from “Hartley” to her maiden name.

Chrishell Stause Net Worth: Salary, Bio & Career!

“My last name was different when I filmed this so I simply updated it myself,” she said in response to an Instagram Story screenshot from a fan who asked why The poster for Selling Sunset has “Stause” written over it. Not much I can do about outdated promotional materials or the way I was credited in the film. “It’s all right!” Obsessed!

How much money does Chrishell Stause have in 2021?

Chrishell Stause Net Worth: Salary, Bio & Career!

So, how much money will Chrishell Stause be making in 2021, then? Stause’s net worth is estimated at $5 million, which includes her earnings from soap operas, her commissions from The Oppenheim Group, and her salary from Selling Sunset, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The money Stause has made on Instagram is also included in her total net worth. Evoluted estimates that Stause makes $3,750 for every post on the platform. DSW, T.J. Maxx, and Marshalls are among the companies with whom she has collaborated. Her ex-husband Justin Hartley has a net worth of $7 million, so while the $5 million is impressive, it’s not quite as high as hers.

Chrishell revealed to Page Six in 2018 that her perspective on money has changed as a result of her experiences as a homeless child. According to the woman, “I was on the streets for a few days in my life.” “It was hard growing up, but today I’m very thankful for everything.” “I still have a lot of money left!”

Experiences Growing

“As you can imagine, as a high schooler, that wasn’t the greatest thing,” she said, referring to her experiences growing up homeless. Just living the lie at school and making sure no one knew and being embarrassed about it was difficult. As soon as I start talking about it, I get hot and sweaty. I can identify with kids who have to be the stinky ones at school because they lack necessities like running water and power,” she said. It’s a lot of work. I feel a strong connection to them and am eager to lend a hand in any way I can. Because of the circumstances, you’ll never forget where you came from.

Encino, California, real estate: Justin and Chrishell paid $4.65 million for a brand-new home in April of this year. There are 6,700 square feet of living space in this “modern farmhouse” type house.

A Hollywood Hills mansion was bought for Chrishell for $3.3 million in June 2021.

Chrishell Stause’s Trend in Net Worth 2022 Expected Net Worth a net worth of $6 million by the year 2021 The net worth of $4.5 million in 2020 $38.8 million in 2018 $3.8 million this year.

The sum of $3,000,000

Who else has she appeared on television?

Chrishell Stause Net Worth: Salary, Bio & Career!

Last year, she and former Strictly Come Dancing veteran Gleb Savchenko competed in America’s Dancing With The Stars competition. As Amanda Dillon in All My Children and as Jordan Ridgeway in Days of Our Lives, Stause has been on television before.

She starred in ABC’s prime-time soap opera Mistresses as a guest star in 2015. The Young and the Restless cast also included Stause as Bethany Bryant. The thriller Eve of Abduction, in which she plays the major part, was her feature film debut in 2017.

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What Is Chrishell Stause’s Relationship To Another Person?

According to her wiki, the Days of Our Lives actress has had at least three relationships, the most recent of which ended in December 2021. When Justin Hartley, her husband of two years, told her he wanted a divorce only minutes before she was due to appear on the set of a movie, it shocked her.

“I was speechless,” she admits. In 2021, the divorce was finally formalized. In 2006 and 2007, she was engaged to Glee star Matthew Morrison, but the engagement dissolved in 2007.

Reflections on his Journey

Chrishell Stause Net Worth: Salary, Bio & Career!

A year before her marriage in 2017, she had been engaged to actor Matthew Morrison. The pair divorced in 2021 after a year of marriage.

Keo Motsepe, Jason Oppenheim, and her employer have all had brief romances with Stause since her divorce from Hartley. There are no children in the house, as she bought it in June 2021 for a total of $3.3 million.

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What’s up with her property?

Chrishell ultimately bought a $3.3 million property in the Hollywood Hills in June 2021, after we went through the same roller coaster of emotions attempting to help her find a place to live. This month she uploaded a poignant Instagram post with photographs from her housewarming that had us all in tears.

We had a blast celebrating my new home with all of my best pals! We are SO happy to have had you all there to celebrate with me!,” started the post, which gave us a fantastic source of inspiration for our Pinterest boards.


Chrishell Stause Net Worth: Salary, Bio & Career!

No more Ryan Seacrest for you! When Netflix premiered Netflix Reality Games in August, Chrishell hosted the show. The three-episode series tracked the mental and physical difficulties taken on by the casts of our favorite messy shows, like Love Is Blind, Too Hot To Handle, and The Circle, as they battled for a trophy and “bragging rights.

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Make sure you don’t forget to dance with the stars!

Season 28 of Dancing with the Stars will feature Chrishell and Gleb Savchenko for an incredible 8 weeks in September 2020. On Good Morning America’s website, Chrishell said, “I couldn’t have anticipated how immersive and all-encompassing this program was before. Dancers are always thinking about dancing while they aren’t dancing.”

“The night before the event, I had a dream that I had forgotten my stair count. Finally, she convinced herself to go back to sleep by re-watching a video of a filmed practice numerous times. Chrishell had to be paid somehow for all of her mental and physical acrobatics.

Inquiries that have been asked frequently.

How much money does Chrishell stause have?

Christopher Stause has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

How much money does Chrishell make per year?

Her estimated yearly salary will be $500,000 in 2022, based on reliable estimates. Acting in films and television shows, brand promotions, guest appearances, Instagram influencers, and real estate properties are the key sources of his income.

how curious as to Chrishell’s day job?

Chrishell is an American actor who makes a living. Her portrayal as Amanda Dillon in “All My Children” has helped her attain notoriety.

Chrishell stause, how old are you?

Chrishell Stause, who was born on July 21st, 1981, is a 40-year-old actor and musician.

How Much Is Chrishell Stause Worth?

At the time of this writing, the estimated net worth of Chrishell Stause is $6 million.

What Is Chrishell’s Annual Salary and Compensation?

By 2022, she is expected to earn $500,000 a year, according to reputable sources. His primary source of income comes from his employment as an actor in films and television series, brand promotions, guest appearances, Instagram influencers, and real estate ownership.

Chrishell’s Profession: Do You Know?

Chrishell is an actor in the United States, where she lives and works. ‘All My Children,’ where she played Amanda Dillon, was her big break into the spotlight.

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