Veer Mahan An Indian Wrestler Biography, And More Updates

Veer Mahan was born in Gopiganj, Uttar Pradesh, India, on August 8, 1988, and grew up there. An ex-baseball pro, he’s also been in the business as an Indian wrestler. As of now, he is signed to WWE, where he works as Veer Mahan WWE on the Raw brand. Thirty-three years old. A wrestler, he got paid well. Mr Veer Mahan’s Wiki, Height, Age, Family Details, Birth Dates, and Weight are all included on this page.

Veer Mahan’s early life

Rinku Singh Rajput, the true name of Veer Mahan, was born on August 8, 1988, in Gopiganj, Uttar Pradesh’s Virdas Nagar district. Rinku Singh was raised in a middle-class home by his truck-driver father. In all, Rinku Singh has nine brothers and sisters. He was the worst student of the bunch, but he loved athletics more than anything else.

From an early age, he has participated in a wide range of sports, and he has won several medals as a result. In high school, he competes in javelin throwing. That year, he also earned the Junior National gold medal for his efforts. He was accepted to Guru Gobind Singh Sports College in Lucknow as a result of his national medal win.

On Indian reality television in 2008, Rinku Singh was a contestant on The Million Dollar Arm. It was a reality TV show about baseball, and it aired on the network. Due to its relative obscurity in India, this game was new to Rinku Singh.

Because of the javelin throwing experience he had, he was cast in this reality programme because of his ability to throw well in baseball. Rinku Singh set a new world record by throwing the centre of a baseball at a speed of 87 miles per second during this reality TV programme, which he won.

As a result of his successes and national record, he switched his attention to the baseball field. As a result, he also relocated to the United States.

The WWE has a wrestler named Veer Mahan


Real NameRinku Singh Rajput
Ring nameVeer Mahan
Famous ForWrestling

He is a former professional baseball player as well as a professional wrestler from India. Currently, he’s a WWE star, going by the ring name Veer Mahan on the Raw roster. If you’d want to learn more about his lifestyle, please continue reading this article.

Veer Mahan WWE Wiki, Personality, and Career.
Former major league baseball player, now in the professional wrestling business, from India As of right now, he’s contracted to WWE and going by the ring name Veer Mahan on the Raw roster. While competing in an episode of The Million Dollar Arm on TLC in 2008, Veer was discovered by the Pittsburgh Pirates and signed as an amateur free agent.

For the first time, an Indian was a professional baseball player, and he played several seasons in the lower leagues before reaching the Single-A level. “Million Dollar Arm” is a film about Veer Mahan. As of July 4, 2009, he became the first Indian citizen to play in a major league baseball game in the United States. he pitched a scoreless inning for the Gulf Coast League Pirates in 2016.

Sports Career of Veer Mahan

Veer Mahan An Indian Wrestler Biography, And More Updates

With WWE Army, Veer Mahan’s sports career began with the popular American game Baseball. To pursue his dream of being a professional baseball player, he moved to the United States after winning an Indian reality programme and auditioned for a variety of clubs before being selected to play for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

For the next five years, from 2009 to 2016, he played in several baseball leagues across the world, attracting worldwide acclaim for his exceptional ability to pitch a baseball.

He improved his baseball throwing speed from 87 miles per second to 90 miles per second by training in javelin throw and other minor games in India.

He became interested in wrestling after meeting some wrestlers while travelling across the country playing baseball. In 2016, he ended his baseball career and began pursuing a career in wrestling.

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Heroic WWE Hall of Famer

Veer Mahan An Indian Wrestler Biography, And More Updates

At the time, Tehsil had a strong presence in baseball. In 2016, his focus shifted to wrestling, and he abandoned baseball to compete in various wrestling exhibitions in the United States with another Indian wrestler, Saurabh Gurjar.

During this period, he attends many American wrestling events and joins forces with his buddy Saurav Gurjar to form the tag team “The Indian Lion” in WWE NXT. Then he meets WWE star Jinder Mahal, who happens to be an Indian. As a result of turning off the WWE Champion, Jinder Mahal has garnered a lot of popularity on the WWE main roster.

Rinku Singh was well-known in the early days of professional wrestling simply as Rinku. In addition, he debuted in NXT as a member of the tag team Rinku. Following their first success in WWE NXT, these three athletes began teaming together.

Jinder, Veer, and Shoki were their initials at the time. These three wrestlers had a 12-match winning streak in WWE. For whatever reason, the trio will no longer be together, and Veer Mahan will now be able to compete on the WWE main roster because of his physical attributes and height.

Rinku Singh and Veer Mahan, the son of rey mesterio, appear on WWE RAW in 2021, making him a worldwide sensation.

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What is the age, height, And weight of Veer Mahan?

In the year 2021, Veer Mahan WWE will be 33 years old. Ses measurements are: 6’4″ (1m85) and 125 lb.

Who is the wife of Veer Mahan WWE?

He is unmarried.

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