Who Is Dating Khloe Kardashian? Have A Look At Her Love Life

They’ve had a rocky relationship since Khloé Kardashian started dating Tristan Thompson in 2016. Things are supposed to be OK between Tristan and Maralee, even though they are no longer together following the discovery that Tristan fathered a kid with Maralee Nichols. According to sources, True Thompson, the four-year-old daughter they welcomed in 2018, is their primary priority. For those of you who are having difficulties keeping up with all of Khloé and Tristan’s highs and lows, here is a chronology of their relationship. Keep reading for Who Is Dating Khloe Kardashian? Have A Look Of Her Love Life


Are the Kardashians in a Relationship?

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters have been through it all, from quick weddings to multiple pregnancies to divorce after only 72 days of marriage.

If The Kardashians on Hulu is any indication, the sisters who aren’t single nowadays appear to be happy in their relationships. True’s father Tristan Thomson, who has been Khloe’s boyfriend on and off since they met, is the focus of Khloe’s reality series.

Additionally, Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are expecting their second child at the time of the shooting. Listed here are the Kardashian sisters’ current relationships.

Khloe Kardashian Dating Timeline

May 9, 2022: “The Kardashians” Executive Producer Reveals Moment. The Paternity Scandal Was Discovered by Khloé

The Kardashians on Hulu has only been on the air for five episodes, but already we’ve seen some important events in the life of the Kardashians. Kendall and Scott have an explosive argument, Kim hosted SNL, Kravis proposed to his girlfriend, and there looks to be more to come.

Before the premiere of the show’s fifth episode, executive producer Danielle King gave an interview to US Weekly on the filming process. When Khloé learned that Tristan had fathered a child with Maralee Nichols, cameras were rolling.

Who Is Dating Khloe Kardashian? Have A Look At Her Love Life

“My team was on hand, at least for that little instant in time. We were filming something else early in the morning when the news broke, and we happened to be there on the morning of the announcement. That exact moment was captured on film, “She came clean, as it were. “The viewers may have a hard time grasping things like, “Oh, did they go back and catch this?” But because we’re so familiar with the location, we were able to capture so many priceless moments. A camera is generally constantly rolling.”

She said, “Sometimes our tale takes a whole other path.” There are times when I think, ‘Oh my my, I had no idea this was going to happen, yet here we are.'”

We don’t know when an episode of The Kardashians we’ll witness this terrible scenario, but we do know that Tristan admitted to Maralee in January that he had a kid with her, and the Thanksgiving episode is now airing. It may happen in a few more episodes.

On May 8, 2022, Tristan sends Kris Jenner a Mother’s Day bouquet.

Despite the news that Khloé and Tristan have officially called it quits, it appears the NBA superstar is still tight with Khloé’s family. In honor of Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 8, Tristan sent a pink-and-white rose arrangement to Kris Jenner. Tristan was thanked and tagged in the momager’s Instagram Story as she shared a photo of the bright bouquet. “@realtristan13, thank you very much!!! I’m in love with you “She penned a message.

True, Khloé and Tristan’s four-year-old daughter, is still being co-parented by the two despite their breakup. During a recent interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts, Khloé reveals that she has been struggling with her weight “I still believe he’s a wonderful person and a wonderful father. I don’t think he’s the right match for me.”

We learn more about Khloé and Tristan on April 6, 2022.

Tristan Thompson’s romance with Khloé Kardashian has come to an end. In an interview with Robin Roberts, the Good American businesswoman talked about how her relationship with Tristan began, what helped her look beyond his infidelity at first, and where she stands with him at the present. Khloé Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend, the Sacramento Kings player, had a son with another woman while they were together.

When she first met Tristan, “I felt quite protected and good for a time,” she said. I remember when he was cheating on me just before I gave birth and I had him in the delivery room with me,” she said. When my daughter views my home recordings, those videos will be as clean and beautiful as I could create them, so yeah, it could have appeared unusual to the outside world.

On the other hand, Khloé acknowledged that she and her longtime boyfriend are no longer together romantically. “It doesn’t change my opinion of him or his fatherhood. I don’t think he’s the right match for me.”

She also talked about the qualities that she and her siblings are hoping to find in a future partner or romantic connection with them. Khloé stated, “I think at the end of the day, all of us desire to experience blissfulness…. For the sake of our well-being and safety, “we want to be joyful.”

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The year is 2022, in April.

Who Is Dating Khloe Kardashian? Have A Look At Her Love Life

My opinion of him as a person and as a father hasn’t changed.

The author of Strong Looks Better Naked said to ABC’s Robin Roberts, “He’s just not the person for me.”

A year from now.

When asked if she was “ready” to have another kid using frozen embryos, Good American co-creator Kristin Thompson said she was. In response, the athlete said, “That’s what I like to hear,” stating he was “all for” giving True a brother or sister.

The month of May in the year 2020

“The cruel and hateful things people say,” Kardashian tweeted after people assumed that she was hiding her stomach in her May 2020 social media images. So many things I’m seeing disgust me. The folks around me seem to think they know everything about me, which is ridiculous. Include my uterus with this. Sick.”

The next year, in February of the

According to a source who spoke exclusively to Us Weekly on the anniversary of the Thompson and Woods infidelity scandal, the athlete and Kardashian are “happy co-parenting” True and have “no intentions… to get back together. ”

Months from now

Following the Woods debacle, Thompson gained notoriety for his flirtatious remarks on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram postings. He has now deleted the comments. However, a source claims that Kardashian was averse to the idea of reconnecting with the sports star.

“Khloé is co-parenting and not getting back with him,” a source tells Us.

They’ve been spending a lot of time together lately, and it’s all because of True. Khloé is aware of Tristan’s desire to reconcile,” a second insider said. Tristan’s pals worry that he is missing out on the lifestyle and privileges that come with dating a Kardashian.

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In November 2018,

They had to relive the infidelity scandal from April 2018 on Keeping Up With the Kardashians in November 2018.

revenge !’s Body host live-tweeted the November 18 edition of the show with viewers in addition to labeling the Cleveland Cavaliers player a “piece of s—t.” I was absolutely and utterly taken aback… There is no way I could have endured this awful stench in the hospital room!” She posted a message via Twitter.

According to Kim, she would never take True’s first moments away from Tristan, no matter what he did to me. “I would never take that moment away from True or Tristan,” she said in a statement. In no way should she be held responsible for his bad behavior. Her father is deserving of her unconditional love, and they both deserve it. #KUWTK

The month of April of this year (2018)

Who Is Dating Khloe Kardashian? Have A Look At Her Love Life

The name of Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby girl was announced just four days after she was born. A photo of pink balloons, flowers, and plush animals with the text “Our beautiful girl, True Thompson, has stolen our hearts” went viral on social media. “Welcoming this angel into our home has been such a blessing! Daddy and Mommy are in love with you, True!”

February 2018.

The Stronger Person Looks Great Valentine’s Day was spent with the NBA star and the naked novelist. A woman is transformed into a ten-fold version of herself when she is loved in the right way.” As she posted an Instagram shot of the two of them posing with balloons spelling out “I love you,” she said, “Thank you, my love.” The Cleveland Cavaliers player and the reality personality caressed her growing baby bump while she donned a strapless red dress that was just right for the event.

This year’s January month (2018)

On January 2, 2018, Kardashian posted a picture of herself kissing Thompson, the same day she announced that she was “officially six months pregnant.” The post was titled “Mom and Dad.”

The month of March of this year (2017)

In a March 2017 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the reality star introduced Thompson to her famous family during Kanye West’s performance, her brother-in-law.

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In November of this year.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in November 2016, the designer of the Koko Kollection gushed about her relationship with Thompson. She informed the late-night presenter, “I reside here, but I visit [Cleveland] frequently.” As it turns out, I truly like my time in Cleveland.” It’s rather good. It’s nice to have a routine and blend in a bit better. “It’s nice.”

In August of this year

Following their exit from Bootsy Bellows nightclub in L.A. together in August 2016, the Revenge Body actor and the NBA player ignited relationship speculations.

Her Ex-Boyfriend


McCants, Rashad

Rashad McCants, a former NBA player, began dating Kim Kardashian in 2009, however, their relationship was short-lived. An episode of Kourtney !’s and Khloé Take Miami spinoff, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, had Khloé claiming that the athlete had cheated on her. On the broadcast, she listened to seductive notes left by a fan on his voicemail. The New York Post said that McCants said they “fabricated the whole thing up” for television.

McCants also blamed their connection for the demise of his basketball career. C. Jackson Cowart of the Charlotte Observer said that McCants’ biggest regret was his late-career connection with reality TV star Khloé Kardashian, which he felt allowed people to doubt his devotion to the NBA. According to McCants, “I’m a $60–70 million player without that circumstance in play,” he told the Observer. Easily.”

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In the words of Derrick Ward, “It’s

Later in the year, KUWTK star Derrick Ward was linked to the NFL player. In honor of Kourtney’s 30th birthday, the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back joined the renowned reality TV family on vacation to Mexico, but his connection with Khloé didn’t extend beyond that, as reported by Us Weekly.

Lamar Odom is a well-known basketball player.

When Khloé met Lamar Odom in August 2009, it looked as if she had found the love of her life. After a month, the couple exchanged their vows with one. Sadly, after a few years of being together, their romance started to fizzle out and end. When Odom overdosed at a Nevada brothel in 2013, the reality star put their divorce on wait and placed Odom’s recovery first, putting their marriage on hold. When the divorce was finalized in 2016, she filed for divorce once again, the same year.

In the Person of Matt Kemp

Who Is Dating Khloe Kardashian? Have A Look At Her Love Life

Rumors began to circulate in 2013 that Khloé Kardashian was dating baseball player Matt Kemp following her split from Lamar Odom. In addition to Drake and Jay-Z shows, the pair went to John Legend and Jay-Z shows together, according to Us Weekly. Although rumors circulated that Kendall and Khloé were spending the holiday together, the athlete informed TMZ that they weren’t romantically involved. The two of us are just mates, she said at the time.

The state of Montana in the United States is known as

Khloé and French Montana appeared to be dating for a while. In 2013, the two began dating, however, they broke up eight months later. By E! News’ account, the Good American creator broke up with her. According to a source, the musician’s “needy” and “obsessive” characteristics prompted her to distance herself from him. He’s a lovely guy, but it simply wasn’t working out for Khloé,” the person said.

Following her breakup with Odom, Khloé admitted to rushing into a new relationship before she was ready. It was because she was lonely and destructive that she dived into anything, she revealed in an episode of Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons. I simply want to be alone right now, “she said.

Fox’s name is Rick Fox.

Who Is Dating Khloe Kardashian? Have A Look At Her Love Life

After dating Rick Fox for a few months in May 2015, Khloé and Rick broke up. In the Sherman Oaks district of Los Angeles, Casa Vega, the Mexican restaurant where the two were sighted on a date. The date “appeared to be a great date,” a source told Us, although Fox disputed that it was one. “Khloé is a terrific buddy,” he said when confronted by photographers when asked about their connection.

James Harden is a professional basketball player.

Khloe Kardashian moved on to James Harden after a brief romance with Fox. Kanye West’s basketball-themed birthday celebration at the Staples Center allegedly brought the two together in June 2015. However, Harden was unable to deal with the situation. “It seemed like we were dating for no good reason,” the athlete said in an interview with Sports Illustrated in 2016.

In an interview with the magazine, the basketball star said, “I wasn’t getting anything out of it except my name out there and my face out there, and I don’t need that.” However, I had no problem with the situation because it wasn’t my situation. When I’m behind the wheel, I don’t want to be photographed. What’s the big deal? Do I have the right footwear? What does it matter? What am I going to eat? What does it matter? That’s what I believe my teammates picked up on. “I have to get rid of that,” I said.

Khloé had resentments toward the people she had spent time with during their relationship. “It’s almost like you have to go through it twice: personally and publicly,” she reportedly stated of her relationship with Harden. For sure, I’ve been there, and it’s difficult. In the end, it is embarrassing… It’s like slathering salt on a wound that’s already open. Closing that chapter of your life is made more difficult by this.

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Jr.

Who Is Dating Khloe Kardashian? Have A Look At Her Love Life

On the surface, Khloé Kardashian’s relationship with NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. appeared to be a solid one. Photos from a house party in Las Vegas after they partied together in a club have surfaced. The athlete, on the other hand, claimed that there was no animosity between them. There were just 15 people in the kitchen when we got there, so it was rather quiet. Simply said, it’s like… “I’ve just met this individual,” he told GQ of the acquaintance. The two of us had spoken before, but I’m not sure.

Unfortunately, the wide receiver was caught in a bind because of the leaked images. There are times when “things go like that and then some other female that I may have been chatting to learns about it,” he said to the magazine. When you sit there attempting to explain your predicament, it’s clear that you haven’t got anything to convey. Khloé reportedly claimed that they were only flirting harmlessly, according to TMZ.

Songz by Trey

At her 32nd birthday celebration at Dave and Busters in June 2016, Us reports that she was first sighted dating rapper Trey Songz. The following month, they were reportedly caught kissing at Drai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas. Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish were married in August, and the two of them were in attendance. Page Six reports that the two were “really dating” and “had a terrific connection,” but that the “time wasn’t right” for their romance.

Khloé was fast to move on. She began dating Tristan Thompson in September. Then then, now that she’s single again, it appears like Trey and she has rekindled their romance. Justin Bieber threw an “intimate party” at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood in March 2022, according to Page Six. According to the report, they “spent a large chunk of the night together” and Trey “made sure they got their alone time.”.

The NBA player Tristan Thompson is the subject of this article.

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