Wynonna Judd Net Worth: Salary, Income, Bio & Career!

Wynonna Judd (also known as Wynonna) was born in Ashland, Kentucky, on May 30th, 1964. The Judds helped her amass her $20 million fortune. Gemini is the star sign of the singer, who is currently 57 years old. Keep reading for Wynonna Judd’s Net Worth: Salary, Income, Bio & Career!

Wynonna Judd

Wynonna Judd Net Worth: Salary, Income, Bio & Career!

She was born Christina Claire Ciminella on May 30th, 1964, and is most known for her work with her mother Naomi as a duet called The Judds, which lasted until the early 1990s, and as a solo artist since then.

Wynonna Judd’s net worth is currently unknown. According to reliable sources, Wynonna is worth over $20 million, with nearly all of her fortune derived from her long-running popularity as a country music artist.

As a child

Christina Claire Ciminella, the future Wynonna Judd, was born on May 30, 1964, in Ashland, Kentucky. Naomi Judd was her mother. Her mother, who had been abandoned by her ex-boyfriend and Judd’s biological father, Charles Jordan, married Michael Ciminella shortly after, and she gave her daughter the surname Ciminella in honor of him. Her half-sister Ashley Judd is an actress. Naomi and Michael divorced in 1972 after moving to Los Angeles in 1968. After receiving a guitar as a Christmas gift from her mother in 1976, Wynonna was inspired by her mother’s country music and began learning to play.

The Judd family

Wynonna Judd Net Worth: Salary, Income, Bio & Career!

After relocating to Nashville, Tennessee in 1979, mother-daughter combo The Judds began performing and recording together. Between 1983 and 1991, The Judds had 23 Billboard Hot Country Singles chart hits, including 14 number ones, throughout this period. Eight studio albums, one-holiday album, and two best-of collections were also produced by the band. They sold over 20 million albums in their six-year tenure and received over 60 industry honors, including five Grammy nominations, nine County Music Association awards (seven in a row), and eight Billboard Music Awards. The Judds have been nominated for five Grammys. For a while, they were the country music industry’s top-selling pair until Brooks & Dunn overtook them in the ’90s.

A long-term case of hepatitis C necessitated Naomi’s early retirement in 1991 after a farewell tour. K-Mart staged a New Year’s Eve performance for Wynonna and her mother in 1999. In 2000, they began a tour together, and four new Judds songs were made available for purchase. When they reassembled in 2010 for “The Last Encore,” a tour that visited 18 cities, they called it a night. I Will Stand by You: The Essential Collection was the culmination of their successful tour and was published in April 2011. It included two new songs and twelve of their most popular tunes.

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Twenty-Five Million Dollars: Wynonna Judd’s Net Worth

Wynonna Judd Net Worth: Salary, Income, Bio & Career!

Wynonna’s birth name was that of her stepfather, whom her mother married after she was abandoned by Wynonna’s father before she was born.

Following her divorce from her husband in 1972, Naomi and her two young daughters relocated from Kentucky to Los Angeles in 1968. There was no stopping Wynonna when she got her hands on a guitar since her schooling centered around music. It wasn’t until 1983 that they secured a record deal with RCA Records that they were able to create eleven albums that sold over 20 million copies, and 26 singles from The Judds reached the top of the charts, by at least making it into the top ten of the country music charts. They also won several country music awards over eight years before Naomi had to quit due to hepatitis E. The Judds’ shows stopped in 1991, although they had been hugely successful and brought a substantial amount of money to their fortunes.


Wynonna Judd Net Worth: Salary, Income, Bio & Career!

Molly Cule’s voice was performed by Judd in the animated “The Magic School Bus.” In 1999, she had an appearance on Blue’s Clues. During the fifth season of “Touched by an Angel,” Judd appeared as a vocalist and a guest star and sang many songs. A few years ago, she appeared on “Hope and Faith” as a guest star. VeggieTales’ “Lord of the Beams” episode included her singing “It’s About Love.” Wynonna: A Tribute on Ice, which included Olympic figure skaters Kimmie Meissner and Brian Boitano, was shown on NBC in 2007. “Nashville Star” season four was also hosted by her.

For Season 16, Wynonna competed in Dancing with the Stars. She was paired with Tony Dovolani, the season-ending all-star. When she and Dovolani went out, they were the first to go.

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Life at Home

In 1996, Judd married Arch Kelly III, the son of Arch Kelly II. Elijah Judd was born to them in December 1994. Having a kid “out of wedlock” hurt her career at the time, as her fan base was predominantly religious. In November 2003, she married D.R. Roach, her second husband. There has been a fresh claim that Roach sexually assaulted an underage girl as recently as 2007. Five days later, she filed for divorce. Cactus Moser, the band’s drummer, married Judd on June 10, 2012, in her Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee, home. Moser’s left leg had to be amputated when he was seriously injured in a motorbike accident in South Dakota two months later.

According to Wynonna Judd’s biography, she took her stage name from the Route 66 tune.

Wynonna Judd Net Worth: Salary, Income, Bio & Career!

On May 30, 1964, Wynonna was born in Kentucky. In honor of the Arizona town of Winona, which is featured in the song “Route 66,” she adopted the name “Wynonna” after her birth name of Christina Claire Ciminella.

Wynonna began playing the guitar at the age of 12. Wynonna and her mother went to Nashville in 1979, like many other budding country performers.


Pinewood Road, the Franklin, is where Wynonna presently lives. The 4,009-square-foot home has been under construction since 1997 on a 500-acre parcel with lots of open space.

Wynonna Judd’s Life: Husband, Dating, and Friendships

Wynonna married Highway 101 drummer/musician Cactus Moser in 2012. Wynonna and Arch Kelley III have two children together, Elijah and Grace.

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Wynonna Judd Net Worth: Salary, Income, Bio & Career!

Naomi Judd, Tammy Wynette, and Kenny Rogers may have been friends with her, but what about her family? Parents’ names, children’s names, and siblings’ names:

What is Wynonna Judd’s relationship status with her husband?

Wynonna Judd Net Worth: Salary, Income, Bio & Career!

Wynonna has had three previous marriages. For only two short years, she was married to Arch Kelley III. Two children have been born to the couple. D.R. Roach, her second husband, and former bodyguard was jailed for sexually assaulting a minor under the age of 13 less than four years into their marriage.

Cactus Moser, the drummer for the country music band Highway 101, is Wynonna’s current husband. When Moser was wounded in a motorbike accident two months after the couple had been married, he had his left leg amputated above the knee.

What Is Wynonna Judd’s Spending Pattern?

It’s no secret that Wynonna Judd likes to give back to the community, and she’s done so generously throughout the years.

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Charitable work of Wynonna Judd

Wynonna Judd Net Worth: Salary, Income, Bio & Career!

Throughout his career, Judd has been involved with charitable endeavors. Charities she’s been involved with include Child Safety Network and GRAMMY Foundation as well as Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation and Metro Christmas Basket Charities, among many more.

Wynonna Judd Has Taught Us Three Important Lessons

  • Fill Your Cup First – Filling your cup is a must. Afterward, you give away the excess, but you save a cupful for yourself.
  • Inside and Out- The secret is to cure yourself of the inside out.
  • Third, there have been failures- Learning requires both failures and accomplishments.


As a member of the country music group “The Judds,” Wynonna Judd rose to stardom alongside her mother in the 1980s. In the early ’90s, she began her career as a singer-songwriter.

She has eight studio albums to her credit as a solo artist. Her first three U.S. country singles all climbed to the top of the charts.

She’s most known for her singing, but she’s also written, acted, and done philanthropy in her own time.

Estimated net worth in 2022 for Wynonna Judd: $20 million.


How much money does the Wyoming judge have?


What is the current market value of the Judd family?

Wynonna Judd’s net worth is $12 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. In addition to her roles in Sisters and Twin Peaks, actress Ashley Judd is worth an estimated $18 million.

How many husbands has Wynonna Judd had before this one?

As of 2012, Cactus Moser has released three albums, the most recent of which are: D. R. Roach (2003–2007), and Arch Kelley III (1996–1998).

How much money was Naomi Judd worth when she died??


How did Naomi Judd’s death occur?

Ashley Judd, the daughter of country music legend Naomi Judd, revealed on Thursday that her mother died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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