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The roguelike is just as diverse and increasingly approachable a genre as any other. Its popularity has risen over the last decade, to the point that a new, promising, and frequently hard-as-nails roguelike game now appears to drop every other week. To help you find out which are the crème de la crop, we’ve put up this here list of the top roguelike games on PC. Keep reading for Enjoy Popular & Super Crazy Games Like Roguelike Play Free

The finest roguelike games sustain their appeal for years after publication, so you should expect to find a good mix of oldies and newbies among our recommendations. And while roguelike games are notorious for their difficult nature, we continue to see creators seek to open the genre up to more players and produce creative hybrids, like strategy roguelikes, and shooter roguelikes, and card battler roguelikes.
Plus, know that we’re not going to pick hairs here about what’s a roguelike and what’s a roguelike – we simply want to share some of our all-time favorites with you guys, our beautiful readers. So, without further wait, here are the finest roguelike games on PC for all genres, from dungeon crawlers to strategy games.

Here are the greatest roguelike games on PC in 2022:

  • Hades
  • The Binding of Isaac
  • Darkest Dungeon
  • Dead Cells
  • Don’t Starve
  • Downwell
  • Into the Breach
  • Enter the Gungeon
  • Risk of Rain 2
  • Returnal
  • Caves
  • Hoplite
  • Pathos
  • ReversEstory


To be included on this list, Supergiant’s fast-paced masterwork justifies its inclusion. You play as Zagreus, the death god’s heir apparent, and fight your way out of Hades by hacking and slashing your way through the Olympians.

Throughout the game, you acquire boons that provide you special abilities and power-ups to help you defeat your father and his henchmen. As you form romances and alliances with other Greek deities, the game is loaded with mythical mythology and allusions. As a Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck owner, this is an absolute must-play! In addition to the Nintendo Switch and Windows PC, Hades is accessible.


The Binding of Isaac, created by Edmund McMillen, re-energized the roguelike genre when it debuted over a decade ago. However, despite the existence of many more visually appealing and technologically advanced roguelike games since then, nothing compares to this classic.

Unwaveringly depicting Isaac’s bleak predicament, it stays unafraid. In reality, the game is firmly rooted in the horror genre as you scream your way through Isaac’s terrifying environment and meet his numerous demons, including his own mother. Although it has been around for decades, its success is a tribute to both its stunning design and distinct personality.

Even though The Binding of Isaac Repentance is the last patch, it includes a slew of new adversaries, areas, and bosses, as well as local co-op functionality for four people. As a result of its popularity, it was able to attract 60,000 concurrent players on Steam alone during its first weekend of release (the game is also available on the Epic Game Store).


As you explore the tunnels under a gothic house, you’ll be immersed in Lovecraftian themes. It’s up to the players to train and command an army of imperfect warriors as they battle unthinkable enemies in turn-based combat and earn treasures in this turn-based strategy game.

However, your team’s ability as an explorer or survivor is hampered not only by physical conflicts, but also by ailments such as anxiety, stress, starvation, and sickness. Keep their health in control by offering motivational speeches and scheduling frequent breaks so they don’t succumb to the all-consuming gloom. Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, and iOS devices all have access to The Darkest Dungeon.


Enjoy Popular & Super Crazy Games Like Roguelike Play Free

Price: $8.99

One of the best new roguelikes is Dead Cells. 2D platformer and action gameplay, nonlinear growth, and more are all part of the game’s expansive and linked environment (thus the vania portion). In addition, you have hardware controller compatibility, a variety of software controller settings, and an auto-hit mode if you want to focus on exploration rather than combat. The game has a lot of content and a nice character to play as. Due to the fact that this version’s development is lagging behind that of the PC version, several much-needed game balance adjustments have yet to be made. It’s a challenging game, so enjoy the challenge. It costs $8.99, and there are no commercials or in-app purchases. If you have Google Play Pass, you may get it for free as well.


Do not starve is a gothic horror film that takes great pleasure in making you anxious and frightened. It’s an isometric roguelike survival game in which your goal is to establish a life for yourself in a hostile environment that actively seeks your destruction.

When it comes to Klei, there is no shortage of surprises, and exploring your surroundings is both dangerous and enticing. In spite of how terrible the world may be, you’ll be drawn back to investigate its intricate mechanisms and discover what lies beyond.


When it comes to Roguelike-type games, Downwell is an explosive shotgun burst of flair and design. Rather than playing on a flat surface as in other 2D platformers, you’ll be forced to explore a deep, monster-filled hole. Your primary method of attack and movement is thanks to a handy pair of gumboots — yeah, you heard properly. – that you have at your disposal.

Despite the fact that the game is simple to learn and play, mastering its combat is a monumental task. In spite of the game’s punishing difficulty, Downwell remains one of the greatest roguelikes out there because of its thrilling combo system and fast-paced stages.


If it weren’t for the fact that Into the Breach’s design is so laser-focused and has so many levels of hidden complexity, Subset Games’ other roguelike, FTL, might have easily taken the top position on our list.

You take against an army of monsters known as the Vek in a turn-based strategy game. The only way to stop their overwhelming onslaught is to seek the aid of some massive mechs. As a result, if you want to survive the battle with the Vek and save your team, you’ll have to consider every option carefully.

Progressing across the islands will reveal new weaponry and pilots that can help you save humanity from impending destruction. Into the Breach is one of the most accessible strategy games on the market, but don’t expect anything less than a challenging, yet always gratifying, experience from it.


Enter the Gungeon, in contrast to the other games on this list, puts you in control of a gun that fires colourful missiles, lasers, and cannonballs. During the course of the film, four adventurers descend into the depths of a dungeon in search of a time-erasing rifle. Players may choose from a variety of heroes, each with unique skills like lockpicking and terrible backstories they wish to forget.

Roguelikes are all about killing, looting, and evading traps, and this one is no exception. Due to the limited supply of ammo, combat with fast-moving bosses that can quickly slip past them is much tenser. Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC versions of entering the Gungeon are available.


No, you don’t need to have played the previous game to appreciate this. Play as a character in an alien world, battling creatures and looting chests in order to improve your powers in both the offensive and defensive aspects of the game. Only roguelike that justifies co-op functionality, letting you join up in groups of four and hunt down enemies that drop cash, allowing you to purchase chests that give random things.

Enemy numbers and difficulty levels rise every few minutes, making it increasingly difficult to maintain your current position — and thus, further pressing you to complete the deal swiftly. 3D models have been added to every piece of content from the original game. It is possible to play Risk of Rain 2 on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, as well as a PC or a Mac.

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Seeing AAA firms put their considerable resources into a genre that is dominated by small developers is a refreshing change of pace. In Housemarque’s Returnal, players assume the role of space pilot Selene, who finds herself in a never-ending cycle of death and rebirth on more terrible planets.

By employing modern weaponry and solving the horrific problem, players must protect her from losing her mind in order to save her life. Although the action is a typical third-person shooter, it is a psychological horror-based tale, and the addicting roguelike components that keep the game fresh. In order to play Returnal, you must have the Playstation 5.

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In terms of mobile roguelikes, Caves is one of the most popular. It’s a good fit for the description. Dungeon crawling, looting, and combating swarms of enemies are all part of the fun. As with most, the visuals are outdated, but the controls are solid and the game is enjoyable while being challenging. In addition, a cloning station is provided in the player’s primary base. This is a difficult one, but it’s not too pricey.


Another dungeon crawler with a long history and a devoted following is Hoplite. For a slightly more strategic gaming experience, it employs turn-based movement and combats Aside from that, it plays like any other traditional roguelike you’ve played. In addition to randomly generated dungeons, leaderboards, Google Play Games achievements, and easy controls, there is also enough of difficulty. Over two dozen levels make up the core game, but there are other side quests and other activities to keep you occupied. Additionally, if you choose the premium version, it’s reasonably priced. Google Play Pass users may get this one for free as well.


Pathos is another classic in the genre from way back when. Even when compared to other roguelikes, its aesthetics are below average, and its controls are a bit more difficult to master. The remainder of the game, on the other hand, is really nice. Similar gameplay elements to Nethack, the early 1980s iconic ASCII roguelike game, are used in the game’s development. The goal of the game is to make it out of the dungeons alive after defeating the big evil monster. Because it’s completely ad-free, this one is a favorite of ours. As long as you aren’t paying for the game, it’s hard to find fault with it.


ReversEstory is an action/shooter roguelike with a lot of bullet hell in it. You’ll have a lot of fun shooting your way through the many levels in this 2D platformer. The boss battles are difficult yet enjoyable, and the whole atmosphere of the game is whimsical and joyful. In addition, you’ll be able to fly about at will and pick up a variety of equipment along the way. With the addition of Bullet Hell components, the game becomes more intense than a typical Roguelike. Overall, this is a solid title. In addition, if you have Google Play Pass, you may play the game for free, but the other in-app purchases remain.

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