Loki Season 2 Release Date: Is Series Confirmed This Year!

Yep. Finally, it’s over. There will be a second season of Loki. A second season has finally been confirmed for the first time in a Marvel show on Disney+, and it’s thanks to the efforts of the show’s producers. This season’s new batch of episodes won’t have Loki’s director on board, and she’s revealed a few details about what’s been left behind. Keep reading for Loki Season 2 Release Date: Is Series Confirmed This Year!

Please be aware of spoilers in the next section.

It’s no surprise that this article will focus on what happened in Season 1 of Loki, as well as what we can expect in Season 2 and beyond. In light of the show’s remaining ambitions, it’s safe to say that we’re looking forward to Loki’s second season.

“Loki will return in season 2″ was announced by way of a large official stamp at the end of Loki episode six.” There was no post-credits scene. With this statement, we’ll know for sure whether or not there will be another season of Captain America and the Winter Soldier after the end of Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Season 2 of Falcon and Winter Soldier or WandaVision has yet to be confirmed due to the ambiguity (which seems even less likely).

Loki season 2’s release date

Loki Season 2 Release Date: Is Series Confirmed This Year!

Season two is unquestionably in the works, but an official release date for Loki has yet to be announced as of May 2022.

Despite a January 2022 start date stated by the trade publication Production Weekly, no official confirmation has appeared on social media or from Marvel itself.

He told Collider in August 2021 that season two was “underway,” although that could imply anything from ‘the narrative is now being written; Tom Hiddleston is already done with his scenes; or’.

But according to an interview with Deadline, we know that season two is set to begin production! Squeeeeee!

Loki Season 2 Release Date: Is Series Confirmed This Year!

But be careful not to make a racket. The fact that production on a new series is “beginning to shoot” is great, but it also indicates that we are still several months away from seeing it on television.

As a reminder, the first season of the program was released in June 2021, and if you take into account things like post-production special effects and reshoots, the show won’t premiere until at least the beginning of 2023.

The cast and crew of Loki season 2

Loki Season 2 Release Date: Is Series Confirmed This Year!

It appears that Loki season 2 was a must-see for everyone. We indeed saw Jonathan Majors’ face on a huge statue at the TVA, replacing one of the Time-Keepers’ heads, even though Sylvie stabbed He Who Remains. As a result, we can’t rule out any of the players returning for the upcoming season. The following is a list of possible cast members, but nothing has been officially confirmed.

According to Kate Herron’s statement to The Hollywood Reporter, she won’t be returning for Loki season 2.

A quote from Herron, “Marvel and Disney were like “Ah, guy. ” implies that she may have returned. The quality of this work is outstanding, and we’d want to continue.” The six-episode run was always going to be the case when she joined Loki, she says.

She also talked about the sequence from season 1 where Loki becomes king but was not utilized. A lot of the memories from the first episode were supposed to be used for this. However, I believe it was purely a tone issue. The sequence had a lot of humor and was quite well written. “It didn’t feel right to have something so humorous next to a gut-wrenching experience like that,” he said.


  • Tom Hiddleston in a role as a younger Loki
  • Sylvie is played by Sophia Di Martino in the film.
  • Judge Gugu Mbatha-Raw Owen Wilson the vengeful Ravenna
  • Wunmi Mosaku portrays Hunter B-15 in the film.
  • As He Who Remains, Jonathan Majors
  • Casey is played by Eugene Cordero.
  • Miss Minutes is portrayed by Tara Strong.\
  • Debbie Oparei as Boastful Loki, played by Richard E. Grant in the role of the Classic Loki.
  • Kid Loki, played by Jack Veal

And what about the people who work behind the scenes?

Loki Season 2 Release Date: Is Series Confirmed This Year!

Kate Herron, the show’s director, recently told Collider that she has no plans to return for season two.

My attention is so firmly fixed on this subject, and I’ve been engrossed in it for the better part of a decade now.” I think I gave all I had to the show, both spiritually and physically, and I think that’s where my mind is right now, just concentrating on this.”

So it’s a major deal that Kate has confirmed her departure before of the second season of this program, which she helped shape along with Michael Waldron.

Said that she “always wanted merely to do these six [episodes]” to The Hollywood Reporter.

As Herron noted, “We treated it like a movie, and we ran it like a movie.” There was no way we were doing it in the way the showrunners were doing it. As a result, it was a lot of work to direct these six episodes, and I gave it my best effort. Everything I loved about Marvel was thrown at it.

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The second season of Loki is about to begin

Loki Season 2 Release Date: Is Series Confirmed This Year!

Season 2 of Loki has been kept under wraps. As soon as season 2 was announced, Hiddleston told Marvel that he was “excited about the possibilities” and the team was in “deep, deep, deep conversations.” However, the actor has since kept a tight lip.

When asked about her character’s journey to “some deeper, darker regions,” Mbatha-Raw said she was delighted. Originally portrayed as an anti-heroine and a possible love interest for Mobius, Ravonna Renslayer was later shown to be a villain who places her allegiance to the TVA above everything else. Ravonna set off on her own in pursuit of free will in the season finale. To find out who tricked her into believing she was seeing things, she wants to know.” According to the show’s principal writer, Michael Waldron, that’s what she intends to accomplish. Out there in the Multiverse, she’s a dangerous client to deal with. As a result, we’ll see what occurs.”

A Loki variation and a love interest named Sylvie also made an appearance in the finale, allowing her to ultimately bring down He Who Remains. In the end, the slaughter does not satisfy her, and she is left alone in the Citadel at the End of Time. Sylvie’s farewell scene is an “interesting location to start another chapter,” according to actress Sophia Di Martino, who hasn’t confirmed or denied that her character will return.

Earlier this week, Hiddleston was pressed on whether or not Loki will feature in the next Marvel film Thor: Love and Thunder, to which he responded with a defiant silence. According to the actor, “I’m living in a question mark.” It’s all a mystery. I used to be confident in my ability to foretell such events, but now I’m at a loss. Not even an Andrew Garfield will do!”

What can I say?” “I don’t know,” he said when asked about Loki’s second season. It continues to excite and challenge me to this day. The tale doesn’t conclude at the end of the first season. That much is obvious, in my opinion. Loki is as volatile, passionate, and unpredictable as he’s ever been in his life. And it’s possible that some of that isn’t resolved. A lot of things need to be unpacked.”

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Theories about season 2 of Loki

Loki Season 2 Release Date: Is Series Confirmed This Year!

Loki’s season 2 theories abound due to the chaotic nature of the first season’s conclusion. Loki is trapped in another dimension and an even more dangerous version of He Who Remains takes power thanks to Sylvie’s instigation of a multiverse war.

A statue of Kang The Conqueror can be found in the new timeline Loki finds himself in. There is a strong possibility that Kang, a He Who Remains incarnation, has risen to the position of TVA leader.

Even though Mobius and Hunter B-15 don’t remember Loki in this timeline, Sylvie might. Because Sylvie killed He Who Remains and sent Loki to this new reality, this is possible.

A theory from EliteDaily suggests that Kang’s comic book love interest, Ravonna, could be his new flame.

According to FandomWire, a TVA uprising is possible. Since the death of He Who Remains has destroyed the memories of the TVA’s foot troops, only Loki has the power to restore their memories. To bring down Kang, the TVA must recollect the horrors of being kidnapped from their timelines and then indoctrinated.

In light of the recent publication of Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, might Loki pair up with Wanda/Scarlet Witch and Dr. Strange?? It’s safe to assume that the series’ influence will be felt in the next Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, where Kang the Conqueror will serve as the primary enemy. Other characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe may show up in an alternate reality.

Loki Season 2 Teaser


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