Savage Beauty Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

Savage Beauty premiered on Netflix on May 12 and viewers quickly stopped what they were doing to discover what the South African thriller series was all about. Viewers undoubtedly weren’t disappointed with all the drama and twists and turn in the first season. Since there were only six episodes, many people have already rushed through the full first season and are asking if there will be a second instalment. We revealed all we know about a potential Savage Beauty season 2 down below.  Keep reading for Savage Beauty Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

Savage Beauty follows a lady named Zinhle Manzini, who after suffering from a tragic background, seeks revenge on the family of beauty moguls who harmed her. Rosemary Zimu took the primary part as Zinhle and produced an outstanding performance. Joining her in the cast were Dumisani Mbebe, Nthati Moshesh, Jesse Suntele, Oros Mampofu, Nambitha Ben-Mazwi, Angela Sithole, and many others.

With a brief yet explosive first season, Savage Beauty definitely merits a second season. So will there be a Savage Beauty season 2? Here’s what we know!

How many seasons of Savage Beauty are there?

Savage Beauty Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

There is just one season of the thriller series and it’s presently airing on Netflix. As we indicated previously, the first season comprises six episodes. The episode runtimes range from 43-54 minutes long.

Will there be a Savage Beauty season 2?

Possibly! As of May 18, Netflix has not renewed the programme for a second season. However, this isn’t the reason for fear. Netflix normally waits a month or two after a show’s launch to decide its destiny. We’re coming up on a week after the first season debuted, so I’d say it’s still too early in the process. The streamer wants more time to evaluate where the viewership numbers will fall before either renewing or terminating the series. Keep in mind that there are other elements at play than viewership metrics in Netflix’s decision-making process.

Savage Beauty season 2 Release Date

Savage Beauty Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

Season 1 of Savage Beauty debuted only a few days ago on May 12, 2022, on the prominent OTT platform Netflix and is on pause for renewal. According to recent reports, there has been no word on the renewal of the series. This African series may get renewed or cancelled, and the update is yet to be formally published.

But considering the massive number of fans the programme has earned following the publication of savage beauty season 1, we may expect the creators to continue the series for a new season. Thus, we don’t have any news on the release date of Savage Beauty season 2

Savage Beauty season 2 Cast

Savage Beauty Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

All the show’s Savage Beauty ensemble has done their role brilliantly, and we can expect that the show’s makers will keep up with their excellence in bringing out the best of all the characters.

Savage Beauty Season 2 will feature the following actors and actresses:-

  • Zinhle is Rosemary Zimu, the protagonist of the series. The show tells the tale of her life and discloses some of the most intimate details about her history.
  • Mbebe portrays Don Bhengu in the film.
  • Grace Bhengu is back in the form of Nthati Moshesh.
  • Linda Bhengu is played by Nambitha Ben-Mazwi.
  • Thando Bhengu is played by Angela Sithole.
  • Ndu Bhengu, played by Oros Mampofu, is back.
  • Phile Bhengu is played by Jesse Suntele.

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Some new characters will be introduced in Season 2 of Savage Beauty.

Savage Beauty Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

Updates on the release of Savage Beauty season 2

Since Savage Beauty hasn’t been renewed, we’re only able to speculate on the show’s release date. Our best estimation for the release date of the second season of Savage Beauty on Netflix is in 2023. However, the further back the premiere of the second season may be delayed if the programme is not renewed soon. It would be great if Netflix will bring back Savage Beauty!

To learn more about the upcoming second season of Savage Beauty, be sure to check back with Netflix Life!

The Season 2 plot of Savage Beauty

Savage Beauty Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?


Based on social issues, the programme Savage Beauty is fiction. Zinhle (Rosemary Zimu), the show’s protagonist, is the focus of this story. To tell the narrative of Zinhle’s enigmatic existence and the buried mysteries that lie behind it is a fascinating undertaking for the series. Zinhle’s trip to avenge the Bhengu family is depicted as a harrowing one, and she is seen wearing a heavy load of resentment from her past. There is a global beauty business owned by the Bhengu family, who are exceedingly wealthy and influential.

Toxic beauty products are tested on impoverished and vulnerable children by the Bhengus, whose secret is exposed later in the episode.

Savage Beauty, the newest Netflix series, is sure to be a smash hit with audiences. As a result of seeing the trailer for Savage Beauty, many people have great hopes for the series. Also, YES! Savage Beauty, the most recent series from the same creators, will not let you down. It features an original plot and the greatest performances from the cast members.

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Season 2 of Savage Beauty Spoilers

Savage Beauty Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

Inquiring minds are eager to find out what the new Netflix series Savage Beauty has to offer and whose character the drama centres on. It will be ZinhleManzini, who returns to seek vengeance for her traumatic past, who will be the subject of this new series of Savage Beauty plotlines. As ZinhleManzini seeks to avenge herself on the strong family that made her suffer in the past and the leader of the Bhengu family, who has dark secrets, we will watch this intriguing woman in action.

Ratings and Reviews for Season 1 of Savage Beauty

A programme is judged by its audience, not by its ratings. As a general rule, the ratings are the best indicator of a show’s future on the air. The better the ratings, the more likely it is that the individual will live. The show has a 4.9/10 IMDb rating and a 35% Rottentomatoes audience rating, both excellent marks.

Savage Beauty  Season 1 Trailer

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