Virgin River Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And More Updates!

Virgin River on Netflix is like receiving a warm hug: It’s the perfect homey drama to snuggle up with, thanks to its small-town trappings and a fascinating ensemble of characters. There’s no doubt about it: Season three of Virgin River was discreetly renewed by Netflix before its July 9 cancellation, even though Netflix does not release viewership figures. According to What’s on Netflix, Virgin River’s fourth season began production in late July 2021, only weeks after the release of season three. Virgin River Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And More Updates!

In September, Netflix announced that it has not only renewed Virgin River for the fourth season, but also a fifth. Cast members including Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson announced in December that they had finished filming the fourth season, which suggests that it will premiere in the middle of 2022 (more on that in a minute!).

Netflix has great aspirations for the long-term future of the program, which is based on the Virgin River book series by Robyn Carr, which includes 25 installments—yes, you read that correctly. As a bonus, season three’s debut on Netflix brought in more than 1.4 million viewers in its first week, according to Nielsen; by the end of that month on Netflix, it had become the most-streamed entertainment in America. Netflix promptly approved extra episodes for the fourth season, with season 4 clocking in at 12 episodes instead of the normal 10.

What is the release date for the fourth season of Virgin River?

Season 4 of Virgin River will premiere on Netflix on July 20, 2022. The fourth season of the show was finished filming in 2021.

Netflix has also provided us with a synopsis of the next season: “Mel enters Season 4 with a sense of hope,” it continues, “despite not knowing if the baby belongs to her departed husband, Mark, or Jack.” A wish she’s had for years has now come true.’ he said. Paternity questions continue to haunt Jack despite his support and excitement for the new arrival. When an attractive new doctor comes into the picture, things get even more complicated.” No, I don’t think so. Why does Jack have to go through all of this?!)

But there’s a kink in the works for season five, which was supposed to shoot in the spring of 2023. “We were scheduled to start [filming season five] in March, but it got pushed so…,” Breckenridge said in an Instagram Live in the spring. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m not sure, guy, what you mean. In the summer, I’m hoping we can get started. ” According to an interview with Glamour later that year, she confirmed: “We were meant to start shooting season five of Virgin River back in March, but it got moved to July.”

What may the subject matter of season four be?

Virgin River Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And More Updates!

Spoilers coming… Preacher, who was poisoned by an old friend of Paige’s to get him out of the way as part of a conspiracy to abduct Christopher, and of course Mel and Jack, who are dealing with the repercussions of Mel’s discovery that she’s pregnant—but they don’t know if the father is Jack or her late ex-husband Mark. Ricky and Lizzie broke up, Brady was arrested as a suspect in Jack’s shooting because of a gun found in his car, Charmaine and Todd threatened Jack with an explosive custody battle, and Hope is in the hospital with a brain injury following a car accident. Moreover, Hope is in a coma after suffering a brain injury in a car accident.

According to Martin Henderson (Jack) of The Digital Fix, “Season four reveals and solves all the questions, but then introduces some more.” Many of the episodes ended on cliffhangers, which created an interesting love/hate dynamic for the viewers.

There will be a slew of new stories in the upcoming season, however, the previous season laid the groundwork for several arcs: If Ricky joins the military, we’ll likely see him leave Virgin River (and Lizzie) in the dust. Mel and Jack will have to cope with the unknowns of her pregnancy and see if they can make it work or not” (for your peace of mind, the actors who play them have been clear that they definitely will). After being absent for much of season three, we’ll likely see Paige again, this time with Christopher. Todd and Jack, the biological father of Charmaine’s children, will almost certainly clash after she gives birth to the twins. We’ll find out who shot Jack, too, while we’re on the subject.

Tenney told TV Insider that the fourth season will be a roller coaster from the get-go. When Season 4 premieres, “there’s a significant disclosure that puts some individuals at risk,” she said. This is just one more threat to Preacher’s life!

Is Hope returning to Virgin River for season four?

Annette O’Toole, who plays Hope, the town’s mayor and the wife of local doctor Doc Mullins, was conspicuously absent from the third season. As a result of the COVID-19 filming limitations, Hope was unable to join the rest of the cast in Vancouver for season three. As for the fourth season of Virgin River, both O’Toole and Hope will return (phew).
At the end of season three, Tenney confirmed to EW that Hope will be okay after her automobile accident. We’re indeed making progress. As far as we are concerned, she’s coping with severe brain damage.”

Additionally, if you can believe it, Hope and Muriel may become friends in season four. According to Tenney, “Muriel and Hope’s relationship is the most entertaining. It begins with a strong sense of hostility… When a romance is on the slow burn, you’ll observe moments that will allow the connection to blossom.

Is there anything that the actors and crew have to say about season four?

Virgin River Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And More Updates!


In season four, we’ll learn who shot Jack, right? Um…probably. A statement from showrunner Sue Tenney to EW: “A steady buildup was always my preference. As a writer, I found the concept of placing Jack in a vulnerable position appealing.” It’s Calvin and Jimmy and the botched raid in Season 2 that tie everything together, as she revealed to TV Insider. “The person who pulled this trigger is the same one that wanted him dead.” A laughing Alexandra Breckenridge told TV Insider, “I’ve figured out who shot Jack!”

For Jack, the fourth season is going to be a rough one…again. He’s gone through a lot, poor Jack! He also suggested to TV Line that Jack’s ex-wife of three months, Mandy, would make a comeback, despite the paternity situation—his probable custody fight for the twins, as well as Mel’s ex-husband potentially being the father of her kid. “Things may get much more complicated if Mandy showed up in Virgin River.


After the birth of her twins, her new marriage, and the ensuing custody battle, Charmaine will face even more challenges in season four, according to Tenney in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. It’s going to be a shocker for everyone when we drop a bombshell on [Charmaine] next season.


“It’s going to complicate, and it’s going to provide insight into Doc and Doc’s roots,” said Tenney to EW when asked about Doc’s grandchild.

Tim Matheson, who portrays Doc, told Entertainment Weekly that at first, Doc would assume he’s being conned. “It’s packed with suspense, intrigue, and intriguing stuff. For a couple that has never had children, this is especially true. It’s certainly a change of pace for him, having never been a parent himself.

The fourth season will be a difficult one for Doc in many ways. He and Hope will eventually be married, which was supposed to happen in season three but was postponed because of O’Toole’s absence. “[Doc and Hope’s wedding] was the topic of a wonderful, two-part presentation. At some point in the future, we’ll want to see recommitment ceremonies.” According to Tenney, he told EW. It will be a new story between the two characters in Season 4, she told TV Insider.

Paige and the Preacher

Virgin River Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And More Updates!

Tenney stated that Paige, Preacher, and Christopher’s tale will be wrapped up in the upcoming season in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. After season 4, Paige and Preacher will bring everything together in a spectacular way, she revealed.


Though she passed away from pancreatic cancer at the end of Season 3, Lilly will return. Lynda Boyd said to the Radio Times that producers informed her that “my spouse, Mel’s deceased husband, was to be brought back via flashbacks—that was the intention.”

Speaking of Virgin River figures that died at a young age…


Yes, Mark, Mel’s ex-husband, comes to mind. Despite Mark’s death, we may see more of him in season four. We may learn a lot more about their relationship. “The wonderful news about being the deceased spouse is that you may arrive at any time, I’ll remark cryptically. As far as “Mark’s” actor Daniel Gillies is concerned, that’s all I have to say.


The news that Tara, Lilly’s daughter, would be returning to Virgin River after Season 3 came as a surprise to everyone “I think [she’ll] still be grieving her mom and figuring out what her life is without her,” Stacey Farber, an actress, told TV Insider of Mel’s “anonymous financial donation. In her daily life, her mother had a big influence, as they lived together and she had a newborn sister to care for.” “[Producers] told that the intention was to bring me back in flashbacks—like Mel’s spouse, her deceased husband,” she remarked on Hallmarkies Podcast.

Lizzie and Ricky had a wonderful time.

There’s no word on Ricky and Lizzie yet. As for Ricky’s enlistment plans, Tenney made it clear that they were serious. “A rash choice on the surface, but it’s not. Since he was 13 years old, he’s wanted it “Ricky from the series proved her point, she explained to TV Line. We believe that Ricky and Lizzie will eventually reach a comparable level of development, despite their differing rates of growth.

Actor Grayson Gurnsey, who plays Ricky, thinks they won’t. According to him, “When it’s your first love, you might not necessarily love that person for the correct reasons, but you might still learn something really useful and become a better person.” Sob.


Virgin River Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And More Updates!

Season three ended with Brady in jail, accused of trying to kill Jack, but Hollingsworth told TV Insider: “I think Brady observed something that I don’t even know if Jack knows.” According to him, “We saw a more sympathetic side of him, someone who’s understanding and empathic, someone who’s capable of loving, all of those qualities don’t lend themselves to a cold-blooded killer, especially of one of his best friends.” In an interview with Hollywood Life, he quipped: “The alleged assailant of Jack has also been revealed to me. I’m not sure, but I believe the punishment is to have your tongue cut off if you speak it.”

Brady isn’t going to have a good season. When it comes to the Virgin River novels, Mike (Jack’s cop pal) is in love with Brie (Bryan’s ex-girlfriend during season three). Tenney made the following statement: “There’s a chance we’re creating a love triangle there.

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‘It’ll be interesting to witness how the chapter of her coming to terms and healing develops for her next and what that does to her relationships in that community,’ says Zibby Allen, who portrays Brie, to Hollywood Life. If Brie’s position in the novels and Allen’s evident enthusiasm in expanding the part further in her HL interview are any clue, we may expect to see more of her in season 4.


And, of course, who is the father of Mel’s unborn child? Do they have to wait for her and Jack to find out? Will they conclude that it doesn’t matter at all? Tenney confirmed to TV Line that we shall learn the identity of Mel’s baby’s father in season four. “In season four, she vowed, you’ll find out.

Season 4 of Virgin River will have a fresh cast of characters?

Yes! Deadline announced on October 25, 2021, that two new cast members have signed on for season four. Kai Bradbury, who we last saw as Doc’s long-lost grandson Denny Cutler after season 3, is one you’ll know right away.

Dr. Cameron Hayek will be played by Mark Ghanimé, a newcomer to the community. It’s all about the ladies of Virgin River for Cameron: “Armed with eyecatching good looks, a razor-sharp mind, and a grin that could light up the planet, Cameron makes an immediate mark in town.”

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On Netflix, how well did the third season of Virgin River fare?

Show fans shouldn’t be surprised by the quick renewal. Seasons 2 and 3 were already renewed in advance of their Netflix premieres. It was much more so for the third season, which was taped at the same time as season 2 was published.

We can now understand why Netflix decided to purchase a second season of the program based on updated top 10 data.

The show had nearly a quarter of a billion hours seen on the platform from July 4th, 2021 to August 15th, according to newly revealed watching hour numbers. It was viewed a total of 255,120,000 hours on Netflix throughout this period.

Time Million Global Hours Viewed Weeks in Top 10
04-07-2021 to 11-072021 62,580,000 One
11-07-2021 to 18-07-2021 87,270,000 Two
18-07-2021 to 25-07-2021 44,890,000 Three
25-07-2021 to 01-08-2021 28,320,000 Four
01-08-2021 to 08-08-2021 18,840,000 Five
08-08-2021 to 15-08-2021 13,220,000 Six


When can we expect Virgin River seasons 5 and 6 to be released on Netflix?

Season 5 of Virgin River is going to happen, as we have stated. It’s possible that the screenplay is still being put together, therefore there aren’t many details out there.

Alexandra Breckenridge disclosed during an Instagram life that production has been delayed from its initial start date of March 2022.

Although the start date was originally set for March, the actress stated she was “hoping that maybe we’ll start in the summer” because of the rescheduled start date. I’d like to film in Vancouver during the summer rather than the winter because, to be honest, I’m done filming in the winter.

It’s too early to say about the upcoming sixth season. It’s all about Netflix’s performance.

In an interview with Us Weekly, the showrunner, Sue Tenney, stated that she and the rest of the creative team “want to do as many seasons as we can” before the shocking revelation. With so much to cover in future seasons, we’re open to any suggestions that may come up.

Virgin River Season 4 First Look

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