Everything We Know About Yellowjackets Season 2!

Showtime’s Yellowjackets, which aired for two seasons in the fall of 2021 and the winter of 2022, unquestionably became a major new phenomenon on television. Keep Reading for Everything We Know About Yellowjackets Season 2!

Ashly Lyle and Bart Nickerson’s series, about a high school girls soccer team fighting for their lives in the woods after their plane goes down, and how their time in the woods affects the survivors today, gained praise and a devoted fan base thanks to its impressive cast and numerous intriguing mysteries.

The Season 1 finale, which was broadcast in January 2022, featured more jaw-dropping bombshells than any other episode in the series’ first season. After seeing it live or binge-watching it afterward, you’re probably left with a slew of questions and a hankering for more. Breaking down all we know about the future of the Yellowjackets series is a good way to alleviate the need for more.

Season 2 Premiere Date For Yellowjackets

Everything We Know About Yellowjackets Season 2!

It’s not certain how long it will take for the second season of the show to air. A “year cycle” is what Showtime network exec Gary Levine tells Vulture about the show. The audience deserves it, and I also believe that when a show has this type of momentum, you don’t want to let it dissipate.”

The start of filming might be delayed if the Covid-19 Omicron variant surge this winter causes production to be delayed. In other words, if all goes according to plan, we may see the return of Yellowjackets season 2 in November or December of 2022.

Who Will Play Yellowjackets In The Next Second Season?

Everything We Know About Yellowjackets Season 2!

There were several cast members that unexpectedly left Yellowjackets season 1, including Ella Purnell (Jackie), Jane Widdop (Laura Lee), and Peter Gadiot (Adam). However, the majority of the primary actors will return for season two. This year, the following actors will return to the silver screen:

  • Shauna Tawny Cypress is played by Melanie Lynskey.
  • Sophie Nélisse, while Taissa Juliette Lewis is played by Jasmin Savoy Brown.
  • Natalie is played by Sophie Thatcher.
  • Samantha Hanratty and Christina Ricci in the role of Misty
  • Lottie is played by Courtney Eaton.
  • Kevin Alves plays the title role
  • As Coach Ben Warren Kole and Jeff Depew respectively.
  • Van Keeya King’s Akilah is played by Liv Hewson.
  • As Mari Rekha Sharma as Jessica (?)
  • Sarah Desjardins portrays Callie Rukiya Bernard, Simone Luciano Leroux, Javi Tonya Cornelisse,
  • Pearl Pearl Cornelisse in the film In the role of Sammy, Amanda Dickson plays Allie.
  • As Kevyn, Alex Wyndham makes an appearance.
  • Randy is played by Jeff Holman and Riley Baron.

As we learned in the season 1 finale, Shauna, Tai, Nat, and Misty have to deal with an adult Lottie who is trying to get them right now and may possibly be the one responsible for Travis’s death. The fact that we know she’s still alive after all these years implies that we’ll probably meet a new cast member next season to play her adult version…

The second season of Yellowjackets does not have any new cast members

Everything We Know About Yellowjackets Season 2!

Lottie, the adult counterpart of the Antler Queen, has been confirmed as a new cast member, but no other cast members have been announced. One of the other surviving Yellowjackets we have yet to meet is her sister. Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, the show’s creators, revealed to us at Thrillist that the second season would include even more mature survivors. Despite the fact that the fates of the other survivors are still unknown, it seems like the show’s producers are already thinking about who they’d want to cast as Lottie. Believe about which ’90s actors you think might be great for the job while you’re waiting.

After the Yellowjackets, we may potentially meet other characters, such as members of Lottie’s cult, in the future. With blood on their hands and two missing persons linked to the four women, we may also be introduced to some nosy investigators or Adam (Peter Gadiot) and Jessica Roberts’ family members.

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What is the plot of Season 2 of Yellowjackets?

Everything We Know About Yellowjackets Season 2!

Season 1 of Yellowjackets included a lot of gore, hints of cannibalism, and crazy twists, so you may have believed it was dark enough. Ashley Lyle, the show’s co-creator, told Deadline that Season 2 will be “darker and stranger.”

There is speculation that this is because the program is nearing the 1996 timeframe, where the survivors are in their cannibalistic, woodsy, feral state. the writers and showrunners have titled this season “The Winter of Their Discontent” after the John Steinbeck novel and Shakespearean phrase from Richard III, according to Variety.)

Lottie and her cult, which was exposed in the Season 1 finale, are certain to be involved in some sort of plotting in the current day.

Jackie’s death

Jackie’s death seemed to be a turning point for the kids in the past. As they continue to live, many of them might be pushed to emotional extremes we haven’t seen before as a result of this awful loss.

A few days after Jackie’s death in the finale, Lottie seems to have declared herself a leader and developed a craving for human flesh. Because Shauna is getting ready to give birth and the winter won’t make life any easier out there for the survivors, the cannibalism is coming, along with possibly more body horror.

As for the present, expect a fresh mystery involving Lottie’s cult to unfold. In an interview with Thrillist, the co-creators said we should expect to see an adult Lottie in the program, which will examine how the trauma of her time in the woods has affected her.

For a number of reasons, Bart Nickerson noted, “We’ve encountered characters so far in the present day that have attempted to hold many of those memories at a distance—and Lottie is probably the character that was the least able to do that in her life after returning home.”

Unanswered issues

Everything We Know About Yellowjackets Season 2!

There are a lot of unanswered issues concerning the motives of her cult, from the kidnapping of Natalie to the murder of Travis, so there will be enough plot twists to enjoy. Although Nickerson told us he couldn’t swear Lottie wanted Travis killed, discovering more about his murder should be particularly intriguing. Her cult may have grown out of hand, after all.

It’s hard to tell where Yellowjackets is going based on the little information we have. You can keep up with the latest developments in the Yellowjackets saga by following Reddit theory threads and checking out these books, programs, and movies for inspiration.

This summer, production is scheduled to begin

In a nutshell? Since Showtime President Gary Levine had originally called for an “end of 2022” release date for Yellowjackets season two, the showrunners Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson said that production may begin as early as this year. Remember when programs were anticipated to return a year after their debut?

However, the exact location of the upcoming episodes’ filming has yet to be revealed.

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There are yet more episodes to be filmed

Everything We Know About Yellowjackets Season 2!

Even though pre-production is almost certainly taking place, the new episodes have yet to be decided upon. “The real scripts” are only beginning to be written for the upcoming episodes, according to Lyle, Nickerson, and co-showrunner Jonathan Lisco, who have been brainstorming for “many months already.”

Watch Yellowjackets the Right Way


If you missed the first season of Yellowjackets on cable, now is your chance. That’s just OK. First-season binge-watching is now possible if you have a cable subscription and the Showtime Anytime app.

There’s still time to get Showtime’s streaming app even if you don’t have cable! It costs $10.99 a month when a 30-day free trial period is over.

If you don’t want to install an additional app, both Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+ enable you to add Showtime programs as an add-on.

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More about Yellowjackets

Everything We Know About Yellowjackets Season 2!

If you’ve finished the first season of Yellowjackets and are still craving teenage angst and cannibalism, here are a few suggestions to tide you over until the second season premieres:

– Yellowjackets are clearly influenced by Lost. – After their plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean, a group of survivors finds themselves trapped on a mysterious island. All of the things you love about Yellowjackets are here, but without the people devouring each other.

‘Yellowjackets,’ Season 1 Episode 10, what occurred

After Adam’s death, the latest episode started up where things left off. The known survivors were rejoicing at their 25th high school reunion, where a slideshow of images containing Jackie was shown. After an argument with the other girls about prom, Jackie was forced to sleep outside, where she succumbed to hypothermia.

A group of cult members seized Natalie as she was ready to take her own life. Suzie left a voicemail alleging that Lottie had drained Travis’ bank account while she was in the process.

Taissa may or may not have won the election because of the revelation of her sacrifice altar. In the end, Lottie utilized the bear’s heart in a ceremonial ceremony, which was possibly the biggest surprise. Van and Misty accompanied her as she prayed to “the darkness [to] release us.”


Will Yellowjackets return for a second season?

Yellowjackets has been renewed for a second season, so it’s only natural that we’re all excitedly awaiting its arrival.

Where can I get the second season of Yellowjackets?

Even if you don’t have a cable subscription, you may still subscribe to the Showtime streaming app today. There is a 30-day free trial period, and the monthly fee is $10.99 after that.

How many Yellowjackets seasons have there been?


Who is going to play Lottie Yellowjackets as an adult?

Parker Posey as Lottie
However, please bear with us. Even though Parker Posey doesn’t look precisely like Courtney Eaton, she has the indie ’90s actress charm in plenty.

Is the narrative of Yellowjackets based on fact?

Yellowjackets appear to be inspired by the crash of Flight 571, although not directly based on it. This show is largely based on truth because it has a bunch of athletes, an aircraft disaster, a cold temperature, and violent, cannibalistic behavior.

Is Netflix going to show Yellowjackets?

It’s only on Showtime that you can see Yellowjackets.

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